Design Principles

We have designed our CAU Phone Systems as very integrated systems. They are capable of interworking between all its IP and TDM users. Each variant of incoming and outgoing calls associated with a TDM signaling or IP protocol generates and receives telephony events within the core operating software Xymphony. A complete, fully integrated, and a single software avoids the conflicts of distributed software packs and control units. In addition, the telephony task co-ordination is handled reliably. Many TDM user services are also valid for IP endpoints. Consequently, enterprises are in comfort of both VoIP and traditional services.

Minimalist Approach in Design, But

Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.

Antoine de Saint-Exupery, French writer (1900 - 1944)

Architects, graphic designers, authors, many other artists and designers have employed this minimalist approach to succeed. An architect may aim to design a house with the smallest size and investment but with all the comfort inside. Is it easy? Definitely not. Sure! the perfection is not easy to achieve.

Being a very specific, is such a minimalist approach the right way to succeed in designing an IP PBX? Yes, but be aware that:

  • Product quality means more for VoIP services. This being the case, the product should be minimalist in terms of investment and size but it should be Robust, Reliable and Stable too.
  • The product should fit the expectations of enterprises now and in the future. In minimalism, keeping hardware and firmware capabilities limited will definitely cause dissatisfaction in time.
  • Efficiency of the operational firmware is very important. An efficient firmware will definitely need less memory space, less MIPS, less hardware. The result will be less investment and size.

If designers believe in their experience (especially for the firmware development) that a Robust, Reliable, and Stable IP PBX with flexible hardware and firmware features can be designed in small size with small investment then the minimalist approach is the right way to start. 

We believed that we can achieve
Anıl Bayer
Telesis R&D

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