Telesis SipPhone is an Android application for VoIP telephony with using the industry-standard SIP (Session Initiation Protocol). SIP calls can be established in both mobile and WiFi network. Telesis SipPhone supports dual accounts and services for both incoming and outgoing calls. Telesis SipPhone is specifically developed to utilize advanced SIP telephony features. Among these are; call transfer, call hold, and call wait. With Telesis SipPhone, you are accompanied with your office telephone even if you are out of the office.


• Supported by Android 6.1 or newer version
• High voice quality
• Dual SIP accounts
• Intelligent LAN and WAN ip address selection for data usage
• Operation in both mobile and WiFi network
• Manual mobile network selection even WiFi is available and connected
• Bluetooth voice support and call control from BT device
• Call waiting
• Call transfer
• New call through the first account when there is a waiting call
• New call through the second account when there is a waiting call
• Call voice recording
• Access to recorded calls within the application
• Manual sharing and mailing recorded call
• Call deflection
• Address book integration
• Call detail records (CDR)
• Prefix definition for PBX trunk calls
• Trace of incoming, outgoing, missed and lost calls
• List of favourite contacts

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