Our Environmental Statement

Telesis A.S. is committed to protecting the environment, where practical and within the resources available in all its activities. We aim to conduct our business with the highest applicable legal and ethical rules and values to contribute to environmental protection.

We guide all our employees to better understand how they may contribute to protect the environment. Furthermore, clear and easy communication channels allow our employees to provide participation concerning the environmental issues.

We aim our products to be durable and serve to our customers for a long time period. Robust, reliable and stable products shall not only provide customer satisfaction but also contribute to environmental protection.

We aim our products to have minimal environmental impact. So that, all of our products consume low power and the ambient environmental conditions for the operation are quite wide (no need for cooling or heating in most of the cases). The result is saving energy and contribution to environmental protection.

We believe in our design experiences (especially for the firmware development) that robust, reliable, and stable products with flexible hardware and firmware features can be designed in small-size. We are also aware that small-size means using less amount of raw materials and energy. We have done this and we shall do again for our future products. Our minimalist approach in design also contributes to environmental protection.

Telesis A.S. is committed to continue designing:

  • durable
  • robust
  • reliable
  • stable
  • low power consuming
  • conventionally cooled
  • low temperature operating
  • small in size

products, which are environment-friendly.

Apart from the environment-friendly product design, we develop systems to run our business effectively, meantime to protect the environment. Some examples are below:

We develop systems which significantly reduce paper usage. All technical documents, system manuals, quality management documents, records etc. are distributed as softcopies. We also encourage our employees, as well as our customers, to work off softcopies instead of printed ones.
We recycle waste products such as toner cartridges, lamps, printed circuit boards, etc. Our waste management procedures are according to Turkey`s Law No:25755, Hazardous Waste Control Legislation and Directive No:26927, Waste Managemet.

Our facilities are heated by the natural gas. Natural gas is the cleanest of all the fossil fuels. The combustion of natural gas releases very small amounts of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides, virtually no ash or particulate matter.

All wood packaging materials used by Telesis A.S. are according to the international ISPM 15 standard in order to protect introduction of organisms harmful to plants and plant products through wood packaging material.

As we look to the future, we shall meet our commitments to the environment with continual improvements in our environmental policy.

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