Our Ethical Statement

Telesis A.S. has an organizational culture that encourages an ethical conduct, as well as legal compliance. Established in 1983, all employees and company founders have placed their personal principles and values on the ethics of the company. They have conducted these principles and they have also demanded the same from the others.

Now, these principles and values are the basics of our ethical policy. This culture ensures that our ethical policy is not a sum of formal elements or words in papers only but values and principles perceived by all our employees to live by them.

We treat our employees in a fair and unbiased manner, and looking for the best for each of them. We provide fair wages, terms and conditions for all of our employees. This treatment aims to increase employee morale. We also guide our employees to better understand ethical values, principles, and expectations. Furthermore, clear and easy communication channels allow our employees to provide participation concerning the ethical issues.

Our ethical policy requires our employees to practice fair dealing and honesty in every aspect of dealing with other company employees and the public such as customers, suppliers, competitors and any other private or governmental organizations. When acting on behalf of Telesis A.S., our employees shall not take unfair advantage through manipulation or misrepresentation of the facts or other unfair dealings or practices. All employees are prohibited from receiving or giving, directly or indirectly, anything of a significant value from or to any third party in connection with the business.

We aim long term cooperation with our dealers and resellers. This being the case, We make our ethical policy to be highly visible for our customers as well as the companies interested in reselling our products.

We treat our customers fairly. Product documentation and information on printed materials or on the web are clear, fair and not misleading. We apply our skill and care when preparing documents and information for customer use, as well as promotion. Meanwhile, we also take account of the needs and knowledge of the target audience in preparing the documents and announcements. Our commitment is total customer satisfaction. So, we deliver robust, reliable and stable products on-time.

We also treat our suppliers fairly and honestly. We respect and protect any confidential or proprietary information shared with us by our suppliers or others. We pay on-time to the suppliers in accordance with the payment terms set out in the contracts or purchase agreements. We practice intellectual property rights honestly.

Finally, we aim to trade as much as possible with other individuals, companies and organizations with the similar ethical values.

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